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miercuri, 15 aprilie 2009

Shadow of Desire

Shadow of Desire
by Alexandlu

You came from the right side 
Took me just one look,then you understood.
You spelled me with the sparkle of your eyes
And there was nothing else I could do.

I won't be  a silent lover
'Cause I see a shadow of desire
Please come and try me...
Take the ship that never sailed! 

I promise to keep on trying
To conquer every part of you
Oh, you're breaking my emotions 
Come and try me precious love! 

I know your heart's been broken 
But with a little love You will survive 
With a little love You will get by 
Do what you want, go your own way 
I feel a shadow of desire 
Oh,come on in my arms today!

I cover you with sunlight 
I take your hand and hold it tight 
If rain drops, 
Will darken the sky.
Then the light behind the shadow 
Will tell you 
That I'll never go!

Let me make your future bright 
I promise you'll only feel
Life is like the morning sun,
And now It had just began!

© 2009 Alexandlu™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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