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vineri, 13 februarie 2009


Ladies and...brothers i present to you : EMO MUSEUM !

This is a top made by me...but if you have greater pictures let me know about it, or if you think other "Emo" has to be on 1st place...please be my guest and vote your choice!

7th place :

With red it says : I love you asshole! P.S. : We love you too!!! ...or not!

6th place: 

LOL...Gaylord Emo

5th place:

Oh,there i left my shaving brush!

4th place:

Nice make-up girl ...or it's a boy? 

3rd place:

OMFG how do you see where u'r going?

2nd place:

UHO : Unknown Hophead Object 

1st place:

Now this is cool!!! 


Especially designed for Emo people! P.S. : Now you can cut your shit!


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