Midnight Dream

It is not possible for a man to be elegant without a little feminin touch! (Vivienne Westwood )

sâmbătă, 4 iulie 2009


by Alexandlu™

Everyday is so much more amazing
Waking up right next to you
And it feels like I'm daydreaming
'Cause it's always sunshine when I look at you!

I play games with you trying to resist,
Trying to hide from your magical kiss...
But I always surrender my heart and I say :
No more games...i dismiss!

It's just like a dream to me
That everyday you love me the way I want to
And there is nothing else I want to be
But the man who conquers every part of you!

You succeed on making all my wishes come true
No more walking ,now I always fly with you
Our marvelous sky is much more red than blue
Because you made my life complete,and I'll always love you!



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Blogger beyond me a spus...

"Adevarul este cel mai de pret lucru pe care-l avem. Sa-l economisim!" iar eu completez....adevarat graiestte gura ta...de fapt...inima ta..ca ea dicteaza, mintea percepe, mana scrie... :D

26 noiembrie 2009, 08:44  

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